10 Kitchen Gadget Hacks you never know existed!

Cooking. You either hate it or love it. Either way, it is a time consuming activity that will drive your mind crazy (-ish) with all the preparations. Why not make it a little bit easier and fun right?

I’ve listed 10 unique kitchen hacks that will definitely blow your mind away while making your life easier!

  1. Egg Timer by Brainstream

Feeling like a soft boiled egg but overcooked it? Or wanting to hard boil an egg but don’t know how long it should take? Worry not! This egg timer will solve all of your (egg related) problems! It’s a like a normal timer but made specially for cooking eggs.


Each egg timer has a different tunes to let you know how to cook your eggs to perfection. 1st tune for soft boiled, 2nd tune for medium boiled, and 3rd tune for hard boiled! Simply dunk it with your eggs into the pot and voila! How eggceptional!


  1. Floating Ladle by OTOTO

Heating up soup but lost your short-handled ladle in the pot? This floating ladle does not need a guardian to keep it afloat! Made in a shape of a swan, making your soup heating or soup eating experience fancier than ever!


  1. Steam Releaser by OTOTO

Steam bubbles. I don’t particularly hate them. I do though, when they overflows. Which is why this steam releaser is a must need in your kitchen! Just clip, and you’re good to go! No need to stand watch and opening the lid to let the steam be freed.



  1. Garlic Twist by OTOTO

Garlic squeezer was a good invention. Yes you read that correctly, was. But who has the strength and time to squeeze and scrape the pressed garlic? Not me. This twister is not an ordinary twister, it will peel and crush your garlic at the same time! Even more, the cute Draccy will make it even more fun. Who even said that Dracula hates garlic? This one loves ‘em!


  1. Jar Scraper by OTOTO

Peanut Butter. Nutella. Peanut Butter and Nutella. Both are my faves! It is frustrating, when you can never to the bottom of the jar. Spoon is not flexible enough, my hand’s too big to fit. But this jar scraper is thin and flexible to scrape all the jam to its every last bits! Now who needs spoon when you can lick it from this cutie platypus? Don’t worry he won’t eat it (at least not all)!


  1. Egg Poacher by OTOTO
Many problems in the kitchen is very…eggy. I mean I never got the timing to boil my eggs right, also I don’t even know how to poach an egg. This Egg Poacher does all the dirty work for me though. So I’m good to go.


  1. Lemon Juicer by Peleg Design

Lemon Juice is a very good addition to your cooking, especially if it is au naturale. But the hassle of squeezing it, and pouring it onto a cup and using a tea spoon to scoop and spread the juice is not worth it…..or is it? Well with this watering can style lemon juicer it definitely worth the time. You just gotta squeeze and pour it straight from the source. Easy as pie! ...easy as lemon in this case.


  1. Yolk separator by Peleg Design

The title explains it. No more manually separating egg yolks. They say the average people spends 3 years of their time in their life separating egg yolks. Yes it is not true.

But really though, you just gotta pinch, suck and release. Voila! You got whites and yellows at different bowls.


  1. Herb Infuser by OTOTO

Floating herbs all around your pot is so last year.  Why let it float around when you can have them all in one place? Just infuse them into your pot!


  1. Corer and Peeler 2 in 1 by OTOTO

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This 2-in-1 tool will help keep the doctor away – ‘cause it peels and cores your apples for you! Easy as apple?